Ericka Hernandez is a Mexican American creative reciting in South Carolina. Her focus is on hemp weaving, crystal wrapping among other mediums. 
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I’ve been making art since I was a kid! Throughout school it was my favorite class. I went to ARMES and Fine Arts Center while in school so that really was awesome cause I learned so much and got the privilege to make art as often as I could. Looking back l see these are probably some of the best years of my life. I was not able to go to college so that was the peak of my artistic education.

Currently I choose to express myself through micro-macramé most often however I enjoy many mediums like painting, and some metalwork. My process is very freeform, I rarely sketch out ideas when I’m weaving. Letting intuition guide me. I like working with the organic shapes and colors of the crystal or cabochon that I am working with.
I’m motivated by the lunar cycle, but also making art is my meditation. I do it almost daily. I average around 40 hours a week dedicated to my craft. My secret is to transform emotions/ energy into repetitive knotting. It’s relaxing to me, it’s healing. ❤️ I am inspired from many things but mostly aliens/ cosmic energy, crystal energy & 60’s / 70’s aesthetic
You can admire more of Erickas' work at @mamaescorpio on Instagram 
and purchase her creations at her shop:
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