“I’ve been at this stuff for a long time. Like - a really long time. Through the years, people come & go & one of the most difficult things is finding the people with a solid work ethic, integrity, and most importantly, someone you can trust. I’ve worked with Kenny now as an artist, promoter, and booking agent for the better part of 10 years & I’ve watched him build his Full Blast brand & tour from the ground up - providing a platform for independent artists from around the country. The difference between Duecebug & everyone else I’ve met, is that he is an artist and musician first and understands the levels and dynamics of what it takes to present new and established artists to audiences around the country.” 
- Ernesto Gutierrez aka sympL, Full Blast tour manager
"Everything I do is inspired by a lifelong love for music, and the love for my son and my Lady and family. When everytbing comes full circle its an amazing thing."
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